Live Oak and Moss

Live Oak Bonita Cemetery

At the end of a busy day at the office the drive home is often routine. It’s easy to focus on the traffic and news on the radio. Sometimes a diversion will literally fly across the road in front of the car in the form of a Wood Stork or Great Egret. Bald Eagles live here too and seeing one soaring above the hustle and bustle of civilization always takes me to a different frame of mind.

As I came to a stop at the corner of Imperial and Bonita Beach Road, I glanced toward the west with the sun in my eyes and was struck by the beauty. The small cemetery is fronted by a very large Live Oak tree draped with Spanish Moss. It’s always there, but I don’t always ‘see’ it as I did today. Serene would be the best description of the scene–a tree, gravestones, and the setting sun. Being in the moment is the key to ‘seeing’ things in a different light.  It was brief–the stoplight changed to green–but the day was changed, forever.

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